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December 27, 2007

Team Fortress 2 Rocks!

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Team Fortress 2

I had a bit of spare time over the extended weekend and a friend convinced me to install Team Fortress 2. After racking up about 8 hours of playtime, I can safely say that I’m not disappointed with my decision! 😀

It was a bit intimidating to start up without having read any instructions or even game reviews prior to my install, however, it didn’t take long to work out the rust from my old school FPS fingers. I used to be a big fan of Unreal Tournament 1 & 2 and even Quake 3 to a point. Since those games, I’ve been playing MMORPGs like DAOC and WoW, so the twitchiness sort of left me for a while.

My first few hours in TF2 were spent as enemy fodder. In fact, it probably took me about 30 minutes to even get my first kill. I slowly started to adapt and figure out key strategies for the various classes and by my 8th hour, spent late last night, I even managed to rack up 7 straight kills as a Demoman before finally getting sniped.

My top 3 favorite classes are probably the Demoman, Medic, and Soldier. I’ve yet to try out the Engineer, and I think honing my skills as a Spy would be a lot of fun in the long run. I don’t know how long the novelty will last, but for now it’s pretty fun, even though it can also be just as frustrating if you get on a bad team or face really skilled opponents.

Thumbs up for now anyway!


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