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December 4, 2007

That’s one angry donut!

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I just found this in my sister’s facebook album.

One angry donut!

That’s one angry donut!


December 28, 2006

My new Sony DSC-W50

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Merry post-Christmas and a happy new year!

My wife and I were very lucky this year to receive our first digital camera (I know… we were stuck in the middle ages with our old 32mm). There’s a bit of a funny story attached to it actually. You see, my parents were at a Christmas party last week and somehow misplaced their camera. They didn’t hear anything about it for a few days and assumed it was stolen since no-one could recall having seen it. With our family gathering coming up on Christmas day, they really wanted to have a new camera to capture the memories so they asked me to review the Sony DSC-W30, which was on sale at our local Staples for $199.91 CAD (roughly $175 USD).

I headed over to Steve’s Digicams and read the entire review.

The review was very positive so I told them to go for it. I also dropped the hint that we were interested in upgrading to a digital camera and would probably buy the same model they did. So if they wanted to be generous, they could give us a cash-money gift this Christmas to be put towards our very own camera. They thought it was a fine idea.

Shelby the dog

Fast Forward to Christmas morning… well, technically afternoon.

My father hands my wife and I a smallish box and says it’s from him and mother. As we start to peel away the decorative paper, my mother yells, “SMILE!” We look up and are temporarily blinded by a flash of light. After a few seconds of refocusing I realize the camera she took the picture with is actually her old digital camera. I then look down at our package and observe the Sony(tm) logo peering out at us from behind a piece of scotch tape.

Apparently, my parents bought the new camera and actually decided to upgrade to the DSC-W50 model (Steve’s review). An hour after they got home and began reading through the manual they received a phone call from a friend who was at their Christmas party last week. The friend informed them that for some reason she had their digital camera along with her own in her purse. You can probably blame the excessive drinking for the friend mistaking their Fuji camera for her own Canon, but anyway, they were very happy to hear the news because my parents never remember to download the photos off their memory card. In fact, there’s probably a year’s worth of great pictures on that camera (we did download them on Christmas day).

Bandit the cat

Anyway, knowing that we wanted a new camera and being the loving and generous folks they are, they decided to spoil us this year with the new camera. Score!

The Sony DSC-W50 is awesome! I won’t give it a technical review because Steve’s Digicams has already done an amazing job of that. I added a Flickr sidebar widget to this blog where you can view all the new pictures we’ll be taking with this sweet camera. One thing I noticed is the reflection in our pets eyes isn’t technically “red-eye” but its still annoying. I don’t think it’s the camera’s fault — I think we have the wrong settings selected right now.

Once I get a chance to read through the entire manual, I have no doubt this thing will be taking great photos.

Feel free to comment on our cute pets here or on Flickr!

My dog's teeth

Have a happy holidays!


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