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October 26, 2007

Confessions of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Newbie: Day 6

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Leading Edge MMASmaller class today… time for some Q&A!

Last night’s class only had about 8 students, so it was a great opportunity for us to ask Matt to demonstrate some cool techniques (e.g. flying ankle-lock). He also answered questions like: How can I escape a triangle choke?, What are some other ways for me to get out of someone’s full guard?, and Now that I have him in my full guard, what should I try going for?

These may all seem like basic questions but there are plenty of options and counters to each, so it’s nice to know several different escapes, subs, or submission preventions in case your favorite method isn’t working.

We also spent a bit of time at the beginning of the class working on several shoot-driven takedown techniques (single leg, double, etc.). I found this part pretty difficult because I stand 6’5″ tall and have to squat very low to nab someone’s legs. At my height, it’s very difficult to maintain a good “show ’em what you got” posture when initiating a lower body grapple. “Show ’em what you got,”  basically means that you stick your chest and ass out simultaneously while squatting low. I used to think I had pretty good balance for my height (it comes from being a hockey goalie) but these takedowns felt quite awkward…

Part of the problem is that I naturally want to lead with my right foot forward (Southpaw stance), however, my right arm is stronger than my left. I have this issue in hockey as well in that I play “normal” as a forward (stick blade to my right), but I hold the stick that way as a goalie too (catching with my right hand). It’s not very traditional. I suppose this would be more of a problem in boxing than jiu jitsu as there’s not really any striking involved. It definitely took some adjusting.

Here’s what we worked on:

  • Single leg takedown
  • Double leg takedown
  • Chin control + choke from sprawl
  • Chin control + choke from grapple
  • Escape full guard 1
  • Escape full guard 2
  • Prevent triangle choke
  • Escape triangle choke

I’ll fill these in when I get some time.


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  1. You are lucky as you got a trainer. It is best to get training under some good instructor. There are some people who are learning bjj by watching videos. I think they are wasting their time. I am a student of Robert Drysdale, multiple time bjj world champion.

    Comment by las vegas bjj — May 13, 2009 @ 8:39 am

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