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September 28, 2007

Confessions of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Newbie: Day 2

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Leading Edge MMAI missed the Thursday class on September 13 due to the neck injury and both classes on the 18th and 20th due to a pre-planned vacation to Vancouver for my best man’s wedding. However, I have started back up again and my second class in my BJJ training happened on Tuesday the 25th!

Cutting to the chase, here’s what was covered:

  1. Arm drag to leg control (from standing)
  2. Arm drag to body lock (from standing)
  3. Sweeping from half guard to get opponent’s back
  4. Sweeping from half guard to enter opponent’s half guard
  5. Escape from half guard to neutral position
  6. Knee lock from opponent’s half guard
  7. Knee lock sweep from crouch (if you gave up your back)

This was also the first class I participated in light sparring at the beginning and end of class. Each of my opponents was fairly advanced in their technique and very helpful in walking me through some of the moves and steps to achieving those moves. I didn’t roll too long or too hard though, and didn’t really accomplish much except trying to defend myself against my opponent achieving a better position or submission.

Some of the techniques they’re teaching may sound pretty advanced for a beginner and I agree to a point, however, the class is comprised of mostly experienced fighters and the majority of them are interested in the MMA game. They do 1.5 hours of MMA fighting, concentrating more on striking and cardio/stamina, then the next 1.5 hours is Jits, which I’m taking part in. The majority of the students want to participate in MMA tournies, while my goal is to eventually partake in the sport BJJ tournies (submission wrestling and gi).

Some people have asked why I wasn’t joining taking the MMA portion and I tell them that I’m really not too interested in trying to KO someone with my fists, elbows, knees, or feet and I’m REALLY not interested in having it happen to me. I’m not a wuss or anything, but I’m married to a very protective woman and I have a career in the public service. It would look bad for me to sustain black eyes, chipped teeth, a broken nose, or other, much more debilitating injuries at this stage in my life and career. Also, I play hockey and lift weights at the gym, so I need a balance in my weekly fitness routine. I also have other priorities to balance, and 3 hours per Tuesday and Thursday, from 6-9pm doesn’t fit in too well right now.


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