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June 7, 2007

Cool MMORPG game idea?

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If I was a game developer (possessing actual skills in game development!) with infinite resources, this is the game I would pursue publishing for 2008/2009 release.

This idea draws on many influences ranging from the X-COM/Syndicate strategy games to MUDs to MMORPGs, to FPSs!

Subterfuge – Think GoldenEye meets World of Warcraft (WoW). This game would be a true hybrid FPS/MMORPG using real world intelligence service agencies (CIA, KGB, SS) acting as opposing factions. I want a game that plays like Unreal Tournament (UT) or Counter-Strike (CS) in terms of adrenaline pumping, shoot-em-up action but also has the rich storyline and character development process from games like WoW or Everquest. Each faction would have different goals and mission objectives opposed to their “enemies.” The game wouldn’t be level-based per say, but rather skill/rank-based as you perform training missions (e.g., protect this power plant, wipe out that armoury, or bandage up X civilians) in a PvE/PvP environment. You’d start off as a shaky recruit and end up as a seasoned veteran in your field of expertise. Gear upgrades would work on a training basis as well, similar to America’s Army (e.g., run through various training programs to achieve mastery of the 9mm handgun) and don’t forget unarmed/blade training for close-quarters combat.

Single player and group missions have obvious applications and I’d like to see one vs. many scenarios as well. Group situations would call on various members who specialize in different combat types (explosives, sniping, machine guns, medics, communications, vehicle operation, etc.) to work together as a team to complete the mission. There wouldn’t be an expansive world map like you’d find in WoW; instead you’d have a community of avatars (who can communicate with each other) running around a mission control centre (a vast base where training takes place and troops are deployed similar to Orgrimmar in WoW). When you or your group is/are deployed, you will be transported via a loading screen to an instanced area similar to the battleground maps in CS/UT/WoW, except much larger. Instead of spending a lot of time on a “world map,” effort would be spent on creating mini-map scenarios. The obvious benefit is that these map modules can be easily developed and implemented into the game via patches in a more timely fashion (say 2-3 new scenarios every month or two as a free upgrade).

The economy of this game is statistics, server-wide rankings, and rewards for single-player/group prowess. In terms of end-game content, one can specialize in multiple areas that interest them, but over time, if their skills aren’t used consistently, they’ll depreciate. The “time sink” will be staying at the top of your game, while learning new skills, achieving higher rank, and obtaining new weapons/armour/ammo/etc.

The initial release would be land-based but obvious expansions would bring the combat to air and sea.

Currently, Sony is developing an MMORPG for PS3 called The Agency, which may bring some of these elements into existence, for the console no less. Keep your eye on it, because if it implements even half of these ideas I think they’ll have a kick-ass game on their hands!


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