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June 6, 2007

A little computer pricing experiment…

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I plan to chart the cost of building a computer for myself over a six-month period, around about when Warhammer Online will be released (as it’s the only game I’m currently looking forward to).

I’m not ready to buy a new machine yet, but I was interested in running a cost comparison between a computer that can play the latest and greatest games today with the same build six months from now when I will likely build myself a new system.

I don’t foresee many changes in the next six months in terms of rising game requirements, but to be safe I have chosen to build the system with a DirectX 10 compatible video card along with Vista Home Premium (rumour has it, MS doesn’t plan on releasing dx10 for WinXP). Also, the motherboard supports SLI because it’s nice to have that expandability in the future.

Here’s what my NCIX shopping cart rings up if I were to buy the system today:

Here’s a breakdown and links to the individual components.

The total price for this system, less tax, is $1667.93 CAD (as of June 06, 2007) with free shipping promo and $20.00 in mail-in-rebates.

Beyond building this machine for gaming, I also want it to run quietly; hence it is using the most reasonably priced, “silent” components available. Also, I am shopping at NCIX because I’ve had wonderful experiences with them in the past and they are a Canadian company (based in Vancouver, BC). I could probably save a few bucks by shopping at Newegg, but they are prejudiced against Canadians or something, ie., they won’t sell to us.

I’ll post an update every two months with charts to show the price decreases (at least you’d hope there would be a decrease). Hopefully, this little experiment will further prove that patience reaps savings, in terms of technology at least, and beyond that, I’m not too sure. Maybe I’m simply trying to justify making an informed decision to myself rather than submitting to my Id (me want shiny toy NOW!).

Check back in a couple months!


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  1. If it’s not priced at newegg and you’re not putting it together with your own two hands it’s not a good price 😉

    Comment by Rob — September 25, 2008 @ 2:28 pm

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