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April 13, 2007

WoW account sold… and the band played on.

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Well, just like I did with DAOC when it was time to move on, I sold my WoW account.

The reason(s)? Mainly, I wasn’t interested in the PvE endgame content of raid-raid-and-more-raid. I could have focued primarily on PvP; however, the two hours I spent in a 2 vs. 2 practice arena queue really killed that desire. Battleground queues were a bit shorter but sitting around on my hands while I waited for the “Would you like to join XYZ battleground” message box wasn’t going to be the most efficient use of my time either.

I was a huge fan of the 8-week interval between when they announced TBC and when it actually launched because PvP was a huge part of the game. Unfortunately for me, my main wasn’t level 60 yet, so I couldn’t participate at that level. Instead, I twinked out my rogue to run around Arathi and Warsong with. Queues were 5 minutes at most during those “good old days” and I really can’t foresee them happening again until Blizzard announces their next expansion with an additional 10-level cap increase and plenty of gear to nullify the hours spent getting the previous Tier-X goodies.

Even though I played on a PvP server, the dominant population attitude leaned heavily towards the PvE elements of the game. Bummer for me, unless I wanted to run around ganking XPers in world PvP. That’s not my cup of tea, so I left.

I guess I’ll be giving Warhammer Online a chance when it comes out but I’m not holding my breath. On paper it sounds amazing, but so have many other games released before and since WoW, and nothing has really captured my interest for long. All I can hope for is that Mythic Entertainment, under the new guidance and benefiting from the vast resources of EA will make a game that appeals to me: the casual PvP-gamer.

The nice thing about selling my WoW account is that it funded Guitar Hero I & II and God of War I & II for my recently neglected PS2! Plus I had some extra cash to take the missus out for all the hours I’d spent grinding my way to 70 in WoW. 😛


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