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January 19, 2007

iJigg – Get jiggy with it! (ok, that was lame)

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iJigg logo

A new way for bands to share their tunes was released yesterday in the form of iJigg. The way it works? Think Digg… for music! Bands can create a profile, upload mp3s, and a community made up mostly of other bands can “Jigg” your songs. The more Jiggs you get, the higher you rank and the higher you rank may earn you a spot on their home page. Landing your song on the homepage is definitely a desirable outcome because it will be visible to many more people than a song buried 10-pages back.

iJigg screenshot from TechCrunch For this reason, the site will likely be targeted by exploiters, similar to Digg. All you need is about 50 or so friends “Jigg” your song, which will put it on the home page. Is this even an issue though? Shouldn’t bands be able to count on their friends to spread the word about their music? Logic states that if the song is garbage, no amount of exploiting will keep it on the main page for long. And if the song is awesome? Exposure deserved, imo.

One feature from Digg I noticed was missing is the ability to “unJigg” a song, similar to “burying.” I think it’s a good idea to leave this feature out because their current model should balance things out fairly, without having to deal with exploiters unJigging their competition. Other notable features include tagging, categorizing by album, adding song descriptions, trackbacks, internal messaging, emailing tracks to friends, and creating a favorite’s list.

Another neat feature is the ability to embed any iJigg track into your blog, website, forum, or facebook account. I’m going to try embedding three of our tracks into this blog entry, but I’m going to hypothesize that WordPress (free version) won’t allow me to do that.

Anyway, I really recommend trying this service out. The compression quality doesn’t seem to molest your uploads the same way MySpace Music does, and there also doesn’t seem to be an upload limit. The model is working very well for Digg and I predict big things for iJigg too!

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