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December 16, 2006

Crunchgear give-away!

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Welcome to my first blog entry for Brain Clutter, a place where I’ll let my brain regurgitate whatever happens to spew forth. Ah, the imagery!

Let’s start this blog off with a positive story:

Crunchgear logo

I’m a winner! No, that’s not positive self-reinforcement — it’s true:

Crunchgear ( is a prominent “blog covering gadgets, gear and computer hardware,”which I happen to read every day. From time to time (very frequently) they run community contests aimed at increasing reader dialogue and overall participation on their site. The catch is, they don’t want meaningless spam — they want quality feedback for the products they review or non-product stories they write. Good on ’em and lucky for me!

Today I won a free copy of M2 Convert for iPod ( I’ll write a review as soon as I receive it! 🙂

Crunchgear has been good to me in the past as well. I won an 4GB iPod Nano for posting the 2000th comment to their blog earlier a few months back (!

Head on over to Crunchgear’s blog to get the latest gadget news and possibly have a chance at winning awesome prizes!

The next giveaway I’m going for will be the Nokia D40 ( . Come and give me a challenge! 😉




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